Preparing your bug out bag is a top priority for doomsday preppers as preparation is key understandably so to a “prepper”. When you are mapping out your plan of attack in preparing your best bug out bag, there are a couple of factors you may want to take into consideration including how big of a bug out bag you need, what survivalist gear you will need inside your bag, and what situations are you likely to be presented with to better aid you in packing your bag.

When we use the term urban prepper it’s to describe a different kind of prepper than the traditional “doomsday prepper”. Urban Preppers are people that live in a city area and plans to stay in the city during the event of a crisis. An urban prepper due to the conditions and environments they may be exposed to during a catastrophic event must prepare differently than the “prepper” who is away from civilization, hidden deep within the woods. Deciding on the best bug out bag for urban preppers and the survival items they will need can help to aid city preppers in the event of a crisis situation.

Preparing for TEOTWAWKI with a Bug Out Backpack

When preparing your bug out bag, the idea is to pack for TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). This can be a daunting task, however, to pack every item you may need in this situation, so this is where using your best judgment on the necessary items come into play (hint- a doomsday prepper spill kit could be necessary in your BOB). The most important thing you want from your bug out backpack is mobility and being able to easily move from place to place with your bag. Doomsday Preppers have concluded that a well-designed bug out bag should weigh no more than 25 percent of your body weight. Anything bigger will present challenges to the “prepper” when they are forced to be on the move in the event of TEOTWAWKI. Lastly, considering the climate you may be up against is something to ponder as you want your bug out backpack to be durable for a long haul.

Preparing for TEOTWAWKI

Going Through Your Bug Out Bag Checklist

Laying out the vital items to store away in your bug out bag will be different for everybody as people will find other items important that maybe someone else wouldn’t find important. With this in mind, breaking down a bug out bag checklist that is infallible is an impossible task. However, I am going to go through a common bug out bag checklist with an added area of protection that many will miss when preparing their bug out bag.

  • Shelter & Environment Protection
    • Fire starting kit
    • Emergency blanket
    • Tent
    • Spare clothes
  • Food & Water
    • Rations
    • Water filtering Items
    • Utensils
  • Communication
    • Emergency radio
    • Flashlight
    • Adapters
  • First Aid
    • First aid kit
    • Wet wipes
    • Bandages
    • Hygiene kit
  • Miscellaneous
    • Multitool
    • Knife
    • Duct Tape
    • Batteries
    • Weapons

Bug out bags are designed to cover every possible area of hazard that you might be placed in when its TEOTWAWKI. However, recently a missing area of protection in your bug out bag has been brought to the forefront, being chemical protection. Is chemical protection really, though an area to prepare for in your bug out bag?

urban bug out bag essentials

Bug Out Gear for Preppers – Chemical Protection is a Must!

Chemical protection in recent years has become a major cause for concern, as areas like Syria have engaged in such attacks. When we are preparing our bug out bag chemical protection is an important area to have covered. With the newest FAST-ACT chemical survival kit, it includes some of the best protective gear for chemicals in the survivalist community. The survival products from FAST-ACT include:

  • The FAST-ACT Bottle Pack comes in a vacuum sealed pouch that contains two 50-gram bottles of FAST-ACT. These are ideal for cleaning weapons and gear that may have become exposed to chemicals.
  • The FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel kit is sealed in a vacuum pouch and can be used for surface decontamination. One microfiber towel can be used for wiping excess from the surface and the other contains loose FAST-ACT powder for decontamination.
  • The FAST-ACT VapourKlenz Face Mask helps to provide a reduction of chemicals and odors in the environment. The product is not designed to replace respirators or gas masks, but to help work against exposure in unexpected situations.
  • The FAST-ACT Decontamination Mitt is our military grade decontamination protect for personal protective gear and small area surfaces. This product provides quick and easy decontamination.

best bug out bag


The FAST-ACT line of products can be essential for an Urban Prepper, who may face a greater risk of chemical attacks. Though chemical attacks are rare, they can be quite hazardous and usually are deployed in targeted large areas like cities where an Urban Prepper would be during this event. Gearing your bug out bag with this essential survival item for chemical attacks will better help you in these extreme circumstances

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