Chaos erupts around you with sirens in the background and people running to shelter as you watch the squalor initiate. You’re not sure what happened but you know that “something” just went down. Was it a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, or even worse the beginning effects of the end of the world? Just imagine this setting, what would you do in this situation? And better yet do you have an SHTF plan for in the extreme case you are placed in this type of situation? The scary reality is that you never know when a disaster might strike and being prepared for such an event can be a saving grace in this scary situation. Realistically, if this were to happen the chances of you, among the chaos, packing everything you may need to sustain yourself for a long period of time is a very unlikely prediction. And not to mention packing a bag would probably be the last thing you want to do when you are trying to rush to get-out-of-dodge. Every survivalist, and really every person should have a bug out bag ready and packed for when the literal SHTF.

best things to put in a bug out bag

What is a Bug Out Bag?

A Bug Out Bag also referred to as a BOB, a 72-hour bag, get out of dodge bag, and go bag, is the essential prepper item to have within reach when SHTF. A bug out bag is a portable kit that normally contains the items one would need to survive for a 72-hour period when evacuating their homes from a disaster, but keep in mind that some BOB’s can last longer than 72 hours depending on how well you pack your go bag. However, on the other hand you don’t want to overpack your bug out bag to the point where it is not easily mobile for on-the-go movements. Ultimately, everyone’s bug out bag will be different due to the needs that someone sees as being a priority in this situation. The bug out bag was designed to save your life or aid you in extraneous circumstances so the basic supplies will most likely be present in all bug out bags.

doomsday prep kitBug Out Bag vs Get Home Bag

Bug out bags and get home bags are very similar in nature as both are there to aid you in a disaster situation. Bug out bags have gained an increase in popularity as “Doomsday Preppers” have emphasized the importance of having a bug out bag prepared in the event of an emergency. Bug out bags, in comparison to a, get home bag, is a bag that you grab when you need to “bug out”, hence the name presented to this prepper gear. In contrast, a get home bag is a bag that is filled with the necessary supplies to get you home. This means that it is a bag that you carry with you or have readily accessible. A get home bag is usually found in your car since you never know when disaster might strike, especially when you aren’t home to grab your bug out bag, making your get home bag essential to your disaster escape plan. Another key difference between the two survival bags is that a get home bag is meant to have supplies for a shorter amount of time just to be able to get you from point A to point B in your escape plan. Ultimately, a bug out bag is your key survival bag to have when faced with a disaster situation.

What to Put in a Bug Out Bag – For Your Quick Go Bag

When you are preparing your bug out bag, selecting your essential gear can be somewhat of a challenge. For many the items, you select to place in your bug out bag are strictly based on a preference of what you feel is more critical in a doomsday situation. Most disaster bags can be a fail because it can be difficult for someone to imagine the situation they might be placed in when dealing with a doomsday situation, making it hard to determine what is necessary survival items to have in this circumstance. Many people may feel the need to pack everything except the kitchen sink is the way to really prepare your bug out bag, but think again. When the time comes that you have to implement your bug out bag, you may end up having to abandon almost all your items in your survival bag. When you are packing your bug out bag it is important to remember the rule of three, “You cannot survive 3 hours without shelter in the cold, 3 days without water under any conditions, and 3 weeks without food”. Keeping this rule of three in mind your bug out bag must obviously contain the necessary gear such as water, food, clothing, weapons and first aid supplies but the other items you wish to place in your go bag can be up to you.

ultimate survival kit bug out bagBug Out Essentials

Packing your bug out bag you will probably think of the basic supplies that are a complete must to have in your prepper bag like water, food, etc. However, there are some survival items that you may not have thought about that can greatly help you in the event of a doomsday situation and make your bug out bag the best.

1.) Tent

The elements can impact your chances of survival and having the proper shelter from such conditions can help you to have a better chance of survival. The shelter can be anything from a one-person tent to a poncho that can keep you from the rain.

2.) Sleeping Bag/ Blankets

Conditions may be harsh, with cold temperatures and frigid winter weather plaguing your environment. Blankets and sleeping bags will help to keep you warm to help reduce hypothermia, and you may want to consider a wool material blanket as it retains heat and helps in cold conditions.

3.) Ways to Start a Fire

Having a means to start a fire is critical for heat, cooking purposes, and even a light source. Make sure to have a box of matches, a couple of lighters, and flint and steel to help initiate the fire.

4.) Water Filtration System

Water sources might surround you, but that doesn’t mean you can safely drink from these sources. You can either pack a bottle that filters the water for you, or pack water purification tablets to filter your water for you.

5.) Form of ID

Identification might be a lifesaver in a doomsday situation, as someone might find you and in order to give you first aid, they may need to know about you (such as blood type or allergies). You also will need an ID to get into your bank account and access any of your assets.

Ultimate Bug Out Bag You Must Have

When we are planning out our bug out bag, and what possible events may occur one area we may forget to think about is the event of a chemical release from either a chemical spill or even a chemical attack. Chemicals in the environment can lead to potential health issues as breathing in harsh chemicals can be toxic to your body. Protective gear to shield you against chemical releases in the environment may be essential in your bug out bag to be a specific doomsday prepper spill kit. The ultimate bug out kit you need in your bug out bag is the FAST-ACT Survival kit, the perfect kit for chemical decontamination. FAST-ACT was developed to effectively mitigate a chemical hazard that needs to be quick and readily used to contain the chemicals. The newest addition to our product line includes some of the best for the survivalist community as they are compact, small and ideal for various kits and gear packs like bug out bags. The four FAST-ACT products include the FAST-ACT Bottle Pack, the FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel Kit, the FAST-ACT VapourKlenz Face Mask, and the FAST-ACT Decontamination Mitt. Having all four of these products supplied in your bug out bag will help to prepare you for the possibility of a chemical release and aid in protecting your overall health from the release of these chemicals into the environment.

Preparing Your SHTF Plan - Get Your Survival Kit Ready

Learning how to properly and effectively pack your bug out bag is vital to survival in the event of a doomsday event. Packing survival items to help sustain yourself for a long period of time is the key in surviving critical situations when SHTF.

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