FAST-ACT Mask (3pk)

Air Purifying Respirator Mask

Being prepared for the unexpected is difficult. In today’s world, threats from chemicals and chemical vapors is real. Our patented FAST-ACT technology has been protecting responders and health and safety officials with immediate response products to neutralize a chemical attack or release for over a decade. Now we are bringing that neutralization capability to personal protective equipment.

The FAST-ACT Face Mask with FAST-ACT® Technology is now available to quickly use when you are put in an unknown chemical situation. The mask offers our patented neutralization technology in a comfortable face mask for nuisance particulates and chemical odors. Since the mask is lightweight and compact in size, you can keep it with you or in easy to access places such as your vehicle, pocket, purse, luggage, or shelter.

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The FAST-ACT VapourKlenz Face Mask can be safely utilized in any compromised environment where there are known and unknown chemical threats.

How to Use the FAST-ACT Face Mask: – Tear open the sealed bag containing the FAST-ACT VapourKlenz Face Mask

– Pull both the secured straps on the mask over your head

– Adjust the fit of the mask using the two straps, securing the fit on your face

– Reseal the mask using the straps as necessary during use

The FAST-ACT Face Mask uses metal oxides allowing a variety of chemical pathways to interact and break down the various toxic and noxious compounds. The air respirating FAST-ACT Mask can be used against the following environmental conditions;

– Fire and floods
– Construction
– Environmental pollution
– Biologically-derived
– General chemicals

Face Mask Applications:

  • Airway defense against vapor release and attacks
  • Airway defense against toxic and noxious chemical malodors
  • Respiratory protection during chemical decontamination and cleanup