FAST-ACT Personal Protection Pack

FAST-ACT (First Applied Sorbent Treatment Against Chemical Threats) is a chemical hazard containment and neutralization system for liquid and vapor chemical spills and releases. FAST-ACT Personal Protection Pack equips you with all the necessary products and accessories to handle a toxic chemical release or chemical attack.

Included in the FAST-ACT Personal Protection Pack:

1 – FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder, 1-Kg

1 – FAST-ACT Shaker Bottle, 500 G

1 – FAST-ACT Decon Mitt

1 – User Guide

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The FAST-ACT Personal Protection Pack comes in a rugged, highly portable, handheld carrying/storage case the size of a briefcase and contains the immediately deployable FAST-ACT response products. The kit allows for a quick response to both liquid and chemical hazards that may pose an immediate risk in the environment.

How to Use FAST-ACT Personal Protection Pack – Effective against a wide range of toxic chemicals

– Neutralizes both liquid and vapor hazards

– Safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable

– Easy to operate portable delivery system

– No special training required


The FAST-ACT Personal Protection Kit allow you to respond to both liquid and vapor chemical hazards that may pose an immediate risk in these different environment;

– Building security

– Freight transporters

– Fire departments

– Military

– Drug enforcement officers

– Schools

– Hospitals

– Etc.