FAST-ACT Wipe Bucket

The FAST-ACT Wipe Bucket is an ideal delivery system for FAST-ACT Liquid Decon product (available in 58 oz and 116 oz containers). The wipe bucket comes with a roll of 90 wipes that unfold to be 12″ x 12″ in size.

  • The FAST-ACT Wipe Bucket works to contain and/or neutralize chemicals from a variety of surfaces.
  • The bucket is refillable and the dispenser had flip cap to keep it closed when not in use.
  • Bucket size: 10 ½” diameter on top lid, 8 7/8” diameter on the bottom, 10” height


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The FAST-ACT Wipe Bucket can easily be used for chemical removal on a variety of surfaces and gear. To use the FAST-ACT Wipe Bucket simply pour the product into the wipe bucket, feed the roll through the dispenser top, and now you have a quick and easy dispenser for all your surface decon needs.

Wipe Dispenser Setup Procedures:

– Place wipe roll on its side in the bottom of the bucket – Feed wipe roll through dispenser portal on the lid – Pour FAST-ACT Liquid Decon into the bucket – Close lid to seal – Keep dispenser top closed when not in use – Add more FAST-ACT Liquid Decon as necessary

  • Directly apply the FAST-ACT wipe on to hard surfaces for trace chemical removal and adsorption/neutralization. The user applies the wipes to the surface and uses circular motions to come into contact with the contamination.
  • The FAST-ACT Wipe can be used against a variety of chemical sources and on many surface types.

    **1/2 gallon FAST-ACT Liquid Decon included with this FAST-ACT Wipe Bucket