Moving from place to place you are exposed to potential risks and situations that could require protection or a travel bug out bag. As time goes by, the unexpected has become even more daunting with looming threats an imminent hazard to our overall safety and health. From wars to protests, to even natural disasters you must be prepared with both protective gear and survival items to help aid your shtfplan. The best way to be prepared is with a well-packed ultimate bug out bag that contains survival items that will allow you to properly sustain in the event of a “doomsday” situation.

What is a Bug Out Bag?

A bug out bag is a “doomsday preppers” secret weapon when SHTF. Bug out bags, also commonly referred to as a go bag, survival bag, or 72-hour bag, can be your crutch when resources are scarce and the environment outside is unsafe to venture into for supplies. The typical bug out bag will be packed and armed with a variety of items and survivalist supplies that can help enable you for days on end. Stocking up on supplies such as water, canned foods, matches, hygiene products, first-aid supplies, weapons, and other necessary supplies to sustain yourself for a long period of time. Many people have the misconception that your bug out bag should be in your home, ready and packed for when you need it in a moment’s notice but you must take into consideration certain situations when deciding when you may need your bug out bag with you. For instance, those that travel a lot may be at risk and may want to consider taking with them on their journey their bug out bag for emergency preparedness.

Traveling with Your Bug Out Bag

Whether you are traveling on an airplane, on a bus, a train, at a hotel, or even on a road trip having your bug out bag with you could help you in case SHTF. Bug out bags were designed to aid in an emergency situation and help increase chances of survival in extreme circumstances. When you are traveling you leave yourself the most vulnerable as you have extremely limited resources available at your disposal. Preparing for these situations when you are traveling can be a smart decision and one you may want to consider.

Transportation (Airplanes, Trains, or Bus)

The potential threats awaiting you during your transportation can be vast and hazardous, to say the least. Whether you are on an airplane, train, or bus the restricted space and confinement, as well as the number of people in this close of a space can lead to problems. Although the chances of crashes are slim, there are other potential issues that can arise such as harsh weather, mechanical failure, or a terrorist attack that can inhibit transportation for days leaving you stuck in an unfamiliar area with limited resources and protection. Once you are stuck in a terminal or travel destination you will be happy that you traveled with your bug out bag.


Whether there is a terrorist attack or a natural disaster that occurs you could get stuck in the confinements of your hotel. You may be thinking there is a lot worse of places to get stuck, at least a hotel has food, water, and shelter but when a hotel is faced to feed a lot of people with no incoming food trucks these items might be rationed out. Having a bug out bag stocked up with survival items like perishable food and water could come in handy when you are limited to food and water in your current environment.


When you are out on the road in the confinements of your car you need to be prepared for a “doomsday” situation to occur such as a natural disaster, terrorist attack or any other SHTF event. If you are in a situation where chemicals are exposed to the environment following a chemical attack or any other chemical release situation, your car will offer very little protection. Having the proper chemical protection gear and equipment packed away into your bug out bag or in your doomsday prep kit could be necessary for the event of this unseen situation. FAST-ACT will provide you chemical protection from a wide range of chemicals that could be released into your environment. FAST-ACT uses a proprietary formulation technology that is effective at neutralizing a broad range of chemicals and even has the power to neutralize chemical warfare agents. The best protection to have in the event of a chemical release is a filter face mask that protects against chemicals and particulate matter. The FAST-ACT VapourKlenz Face Mask offers our patented neutralization technology in a comfortable face mask for particulates and chemical odors. By having this added protection, you can protect your health and keep from ingesting harmful chemicals.

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