FAST-ACT Webinar Highlights Innovative Solutions for Mitigating Battery Fire Risks

FAST-ACT Successfully hosted a webinar, “Charging Ahead: FAST-ACT’s Role in Mitigating Battery Fire Risks”.

In this session, our CBRN Subject Matter Expert, Dieter Rothbacher, dove into the critical importance of swift and effective responses to battery fires, including how FAST-ACT’s innovative Pressurized Cylinders provide users with the tools needed to mitigate chemical risks in these scenarios.

Kyle Knappenberger, our VP of Technology, also discussed the critical risks associated with electric vehicle (EV) battery fires across various industries including logistics, transportation, storage, and battery manufacturing. Discover how FAST-ACT solutions can empower facility managers and health and safety employees to effectively mitigate these risks and ensure workplace safety.

About Timilon Corporation:

Timilon Corporation is the manufacturer of FAST-ACT®, a proprietary formulation of non-toxic high-performance specialty materials effective at neutralizing a wide range of toxic chemicals with the added capability to destroy chemical warfare agents. The FAST-ACT technology is utilized by leading defense agencies, chemical industrial companies, first responders and HAZMAT teams to quickly and safely eliminate chemical hazards. For more information, reach out to Leticia Menzzano, Marketing Manager,

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