First Applied Sorbent Treatment Against Chemical Threats

One Product Only: FAST-ACT®
Decontaminate + Contain + Neutralize

FAST-ACT® immediately decontaminates, contains, or neutralizes acids, bases, and other chemical hazards (including CWAs) – safely and in a single response tool. FAST-ACT® provides safety benefits beyond traditional measures. The broad range of utility makes FAST-ACT® a valuable tool for a variety of environments, including public and commercial transportation, government facilities, laboratories, production facilities, shopping and entertainment venues, police, fire, and other emergency response, healthcare facilities, any place where hazardous chemicals are a potential threat.

Hazmat & FIRE
FAST-ACT® Products
Bulk Pail
Bulk Pail
Bottle Pack
Bottle Pack
Pressurized Cylinder
Pressurized Cylinder
Decontamination Mitt
Combat wipes
Combat Wipes
Shaker bottle
Shaker Bottle
Microfiber towel
Microfiber Towel

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