The FAST-ACT technology is based on the use of safe earth minerals. Earth minerals inherently possess the ability to detoxify harmful chemicals; however, they are not as efficient as harsher, and often risky man-made concoctions. Timilon utilizes unique manufacturing approaches to greatly enhance the beneficial properties of the earth minerals while retaining their natural safety characteristics. To better illustrate, earth minerals are highly organized at the molecular and building block levels. When they come into contact with a harmful chemical, the earth minerals’ receptors (surfaces sites) capture the bad chemicals initiating the neutralization process on the surface. Timilon’s manufacturing techniques are designed to facilitate, enhance, and add to that process. FAST-ACT’s earth minerals have additional surface sites to more efficiently capture the harmful chemicals and large internal spaces to chemically bind and safely contain the chemical threat.

FAST-ACT has increased surface area, unique morphology, high chemical reactivity, and high porosity, all contributing to the enhanced adsorption and neutralizing characteristics. FAST-ACT has the ability to not only contain, but to also chemically break down a wide variety of chemical compounds. This technology has been tested and certified for a broad array of chemical pollution mitigation including the highly toxic chemical warfare agents. The technology has been tested by the following laboratories for chemical breakdown and neutralization applications:

  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Edgewood Chemical Biological Command
  • Coal Mines Technical Services
  • Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

Additionally, the technology had gone though the Lloyds Register Product Verification Scheme for its ability to decontaminate airborne chemical contamination from enclosed spaces:

  • Certificate PVS 1400001, dated June 17, 2014

Technology Summary:

  • FAST-ACT is comprised of a unique blend of metal oxides specially formulated to be effective against a broad spectrum of chemicals.
  • The physical properties, such as high porosity and surface area result in chemical properties like efficient adsorption and chemical neutralization.
  • FAST-ACT works against different chemicals by different mechanisms.

For more technical information, please visit the download page where you can get our full technical report.