Chemical (CAS#)

Methylamine, Aqueous Solution (74-89-5)


  • Corrosive
  • Flammable Liquid


CH5N (aqueous)


Colorless to yellow aqueous solution of a gas with an ammonia like odor.


Apply FAST-ACT powder to fully cover liquid spill and absorb excess liquid.


Adsorption and surface bound amine.

Primary Mechanism Type



Compound mixed with MgO, TiO2, Mg(OH)2

Reaction Rate (Slower to Faster)

Reaction Rate: 4


FAST-ACT Application Methods:


C. For liquid contamination, directly apply the FAST-ACT Powder from a Shaker or Pail to the liquid to fully absorb the compound ensuring no liquid chemical remains. Apply powder forming a ring around the hazard and then shake the powder directly onto hazard to thoroughly cover the liquid. Carefully agitate all the powder to ensure all liquid has been adsorbed.

D. For vapor contamination, utilize a FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder to dispense the product into the air space: Shake the FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder to loosen the contents. Pull the ring pin. Squeeze the lever and shake the cylinder in up and down motion to ensure maximum discharge of the FAST-ACT powder. Aim the hose and mist all powder in the direction of hazard. If liquid hazard is also present, sweep hose side to side to ensure complete coverage of liquid hazard.