5 kg Bulk Pail

FAST-ACT (First Applied Sorbent Treatment Against Chemical Threats) is a chemical hazard containment and neutralization system for liquid and vapor chemical spills and releases. FAST-ACT powder is available in a 5kg bulk pail to fill deployment containers as needed. FAST-ACT was the first and continues to be the only product of its kind able to destroy chemical warfare agents with the added capability to neutralize a wide range of toxic chemicals.

FAST-ACT is a non-flammable, non-corrosive powder that can be applied to any liquid spill or vapor release without any special training.

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The FAST-ACT 5kg Bulk Pail works effectively to neutralize a wide range of acids, adsorbs many halogenated compounds, neutralizes phosphorous compounds, neutralizes and adsorbs both caustic and basic gases, absorbs a wide range of organic compounds, and absorbs and neutralizes GD, VX, HD chemical agents and numerous other warfare simulants.

How to Use FAST-ACT 5kg Bulk Pail 1. Unscrew the lid on the FAST-ACT 5kg Bulk Pail

2. Scoop powder directly onto the chemical hazard(s)

3. Apply the powder to throughly cover the liquid hazard

4. Be sure to agitate the FAST-ACT powder to ensure all liquid has been absorbed


– Hazmat Teams spill response and containment

– Sorbent in a decon line shuffle pit

– Rapid covering of surface with decon powder

– Neutralization of unknown chemical mixtures

– Industrial & commercial facilities for accidents, leaky storage, etc.