FAST-ACT® Microfiber Towel Pack

The FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel Pack includes 2 microfiber towels that work simultaneously to absorb and neutralize liquid chemicals on contact. Quick and easy. Works great in combination with the FAST-ACT Powder Bottle Pack and FAST-ACT Shaker Bottle.

FAST-ACT is a proprietary formulation of non-toxic high-performance specialty materials effective at neutralizing a wide range of toxic chemicals with the added capability to destroy chemical warfare agents. The FAST-ACT powder decontamination formulation is safe and significantly reduces both liquid and vapor hazards.

FAST-ACT works quickly to significantly reduce hazards associated with common industrial chemicals including: acids, acidic/caustic gases, organic compounds, phosphorus and sulfur compounds, and many industrial solvents. By the nature of FAST-ACT’s innovative chemistry, hazards are chemically bound to the surface of the powder minimizing off-gassing.

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The FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel Pack contains two microfiber towels, the green towel is used for absorbing the excess liquid chemical from the surface first, then the other microfiber towel containing the FAST-ACT powder will be used to conduct an effective surface chemical decontamination.

How to Use FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel Pack 1. Tear open the pouch at notch 2. Remove the roll of 2 microfiber towels

3. Carefully unroll the towels on a flat surface

4. Using the green-colored towel, blot the contaminated surface to absorb excess chemical

5. Wipe the surface if the green towel is not saturated

6. Carefully unfold the black-colored towel to expose the FAST-ACT powder contained within

7. Spread the FAST-ACT powder onto the surface using the towel


– Surface decontamination

– Chemical decontamination of small and intricate items

– Gear cleanup