FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder

FAST-ACT (First Applied Sorbent Treatment Against Chemical Threats) is a chemical hazard containment and neutralization system for liquid and vapor chemical spills and releases. The FAST-ACT pressurized cylinder is available in 1 kg, 2kg, and 4kg sizes, offering a solution for vapor and liquid chemical releases in both enclosed and large spaces. Wall-mounts and vehicle mounts for the FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder are also available, allowing for safe and convenient storage near any potential hazards.


Catalog #: FA015-1000-00NS (1KG)
Catalog #: FA015-2000-00NS (2KG)
Catalog #: FA015-4000-00NS (4KG)


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The FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder is a fast-acting, rapid solution for decontamination and adsorption of toxic chemical vapors or liquids in an environment.The FAST-ACT pressurized cylinder is available in 1 kg, 2kg, and 4kg sizes.

How to Use FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder(s) 1. Pull the ring pin located on the FAST-ACT Pressurized Cylinder 2. Squeeze the lever and shake the cylinder

3. Move the cylinder in an up and down motion to ensure maximum clean-out

4. For vapor hazards aim the hose in the direction of the hazard, misting all the powder into the air in the direction of the hazard

5. For liquid hazards sweep the hose side to side to ensure complete coverage of the hazard


– Air space decontamination for Hazmat Teams

– Neutralization of acidic gasses

– Rapid decontamination of gear

– Enclosed spaces knockdown of vapors and/or odors

– Decontamination shelter/ tent cleanup