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May 2016

Helping Protect Civilians From Chemical Threats

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Protect Civilians From Chemical ThreatsWorld events have forced the Emergency Response Community to take a closer look at the number of potential hazards that they may be called upon to deal with. Of particular concern is the response to chemical incidents in civilian areas. Depending on the specifics of the event, responders may be faced with a myriad of challenges.

With a chemical release in general, toxic chemicals will continue to pose a danger as long as they persist. The goal of responding to such a situation should be to immediately get the public cleared and treat the hazard to minimize the risk to the general public and emergency personnel present.

Responding to such an event typically requires identification of the agent, evacuation of exposed individuals, and mass decontamination lines to be set up in the shortest period of time possible. All of these measures are designed to limit the number of casualties from such an event. To ensure that such a situation will be handled correctly, responders nationwide often conduct drills and training exercises simulating chemical attacks or events.

decontaminate chemical warfare agentsThe range of equipment being required to ensure the safety of not only the responder but also the general public is increasing. Personal protective equipment and sensor technologies have arisen to meet the challenges presented by a dirty bomb and chemical agent attacks. Utilizing existing products, military personnel can respond to a potential release, identify the agent, and ensure their individual safety, but what about the public? What types of technologies are available to immediate neutralize these toxic chemicals?

For a long time, the release of chemical warfare agents was strictly a concern for military officials. Over the last two decades, the use of these agents or other toxic chemicals in a terrorist attack has now become a realistic threat which civilian responders such as police, fire, and HAZMAT must now be prepared to address whether it be a release in a subway, at a mall, or other public venues.

FAST-ACT® enables users to immediately respond to toxic chemical releases. Whether it is a subway, an airport or in an industry, FAST-ACT ensures an immediate response to eliminate the hazard and minimize exposure. The system has been proven to quickly contain and destroy chemical warfare agents and a wide range of toxic chemicals to ensure any situation can be contained quickly and effectively.

The product is capable of treating frequently encountered liquid spills and vapor releases while offering protection in the event of a chemical warfare agent release. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable and highly effective over a wide range of environmental conditions including below-freezing temperatures. This family of produchemical warfare decontaminationcts has expanded utility for law enforcement, industrial, laboratory and public protection applications.

This product allows the Emergency Responder Community a line of protection against a wide range of toxic chemicals for themselves and the public. The delivery systems ensure the product is immediately deployable, simple to use, and capable of neutralizing a wide range of toxic chemicals fast.