As survivalists and a community that likes to be prepared for all circumstances, the threat of chemical vapors, releases, and attacks are some of the most serious as they pose an immediate threat to life.

Products that can effectively mitigate a chemical hazard need to be quick and ready to use.

FAST-ACT was developed for that purpose, FAST deployment, with a minimal logistical burden, and broad-spectrum effectiveness to ACT upon the chemical threat.

The newest additions to our product line include some the best for the survivalist community. They are all small, compact, and ideal for the various kits and gear packs. FAST-ACT was designed for use against any liquid or vapor chemical threat. This includes the military grade chemical warfare agents and more commonly available chemicals used in anti-personnel weaponry or devices such as acids or pesticides.

The FAST-ACT bottle pack comes in a vacuum sealed pouch that contains two 50-gram bottles of FAST-ACT. These are ideal for cleaning weapons and gear that may have become exposed to chemicals.

The FAST-ACT microfiber towel kit is sealed in a vacuum pouch and can be used for surface decontamination. One microfiber towel can be used for wiping excess from the surface and the second contains loose FAST-ACT powder for the decontamination.

Our Mask contains the FAST-ACT technology to offer a reduction of chemicals and odors. The product is not designed to replace respirators or gas masks, but it can help minimize exposure in unexpected emergency situations. The lightweight and compact design is perfect for keeping them close by, in purses, bags, and vehicles.

The FAST-ACT Decontamination Mitt is our military grade decontamination product for personal protective gear and small area surfaces. This provides quick and immediate decontamination. This product can be paired with our microfiber pack. The Mitt can do the bulk decon, and the microfiber can do the fine or detailed level cleaning.

All of these products would be necessary additions to your survival gear lists, packs, or first aid kits.

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FAST-ACT’s versatility makes it the ideal chemical response product for a variety of applications including:

  • HAZMAT response
  • Neutralization of harmful small-scale liquid and chemical spills
  • Knockdown of dangerous vapors in enclosed spaces
  • Equipment and suit decontamination
  • Unknown chemical mixture neutralization
  • Vehicle battery acid releases
  • Pesticide releases
  • Damaged leaking packages


The technology has been tested by the following laboratories for chemical breakdown and neutralization applications:

  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Edgewood Chemical Biological Command
  • Coal Mines Technical Services
  • Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  • Additionally, the technology had gone though the Lloyds Register Product Verification
  • Scheme for its ability to decontaminate airborne chemical contamination from enclosed spaces:
  • Certificate PVS 1400001, dated June 17, 2014

Features and Benefits:

  • Immediate life safety threat reduction
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, & non-flammable
  • Easy to operate
  • No premixing is required
  • Compact delivery systems
  • Rapid-acting upon contact (works within minutes)
  • Effective over a wide range of environmental conditions
  • No special training required

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