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Building the Ultimate Bug Out Bag for Doomsday Preppers

Building the Ultimate Bug Out Bag for Doomsday Preppers

By | chemical attack preparation

Chaos erupts around you with sirens in the background and people running to shelter as you watch the squalor initiate. You’re not sure what happened but you know that “something” just went down. Was it a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, or even worse the beginning effects of the end of the world? Just imagine this setting, what would you do in this situation? And better yet do you have an SHTF plan for in the extreme case you are placed in this type of situation? The scary reality is that you never know when a disaster might strike and being prepared for such an event can be a saving grace in this scary situation. Realistically, if this were to happen the chances of you, among the chaos, packing everything you may need to sustain yourself for a long period of time is a very unlikely prediction. And not to mention packing a bag would probably be the last thing you want to do when you are trying to rush to get-out-of-dodge. Every survivalist, and really every person should have a bug out bag ready and packed for when the literal SHTF.

best things to put in a bug out bag

What is a Bug Out Bag?

A Bug Out Bag also referred to as a BOB, a 72-hour bag, get out of dodge bag, and go bag, is the essential prepper item to have within reach when SHTF. A bug out bag is a portable kit that normally contains the items one would need to survive for a 72-hour period when evacuating their homes from a disaster, but keep in mind that some BOB’s can last longer than 72 hours depending on how well you pack your go bag. However, on the other hand you don’t want to overpack your bug out bag to the point where it is not easily mobile for on-the-go movements. Ultimately, everyone’s bug out bag will be different due to the needs that someone sees as being a priority in this situation. The bug out bag was designed to save your life or aid you in extraneous circumstances so the basic supplies will most likely be present in all bug out bags.

doomsday prep kitBug Out Bag vs Get Home Bag

Bug out bags and get home bags are very similar in nature as both are there to aid you in a disaster situation. Bug out bags have gained an increase in popularity as “Doomsday Preppers” have emphasized the importance of having a bug out bag prepared in the event of an emergency. Bug out bags, in comparison to a, get home bag, is a bag that you grab when you need to “bug out”, hence the name presented to this prepper gear. In contrast, a get home bag is a bag that is filled with the necessary supplies to get you home. This means that it is a bag that you carry with you or have readily accessible. A get home bag is usually found in your car since you never know when disaster might strike, especially when you aren’t home to grab your bug out bag, making your get home bag essential to your disaster escape plan. Another key difference between the two survival bags is that a get home bag is meant to have supplies for a shorter amount of time just to be able to get you from point A to point B in your escape plan. Ultimately, a bug out bag is your key survival bag to have when faced with a disaster situation.

What to Put in a Bug Out Bag – For Your Quick Go Bag

When you are preparing your bug out bag, selecting your essential gear can be somewhat of a challenge. For many the items, you select to place in your bug out bag are strictly based on a preference of what you feel is more critical in a doomsday situation. Most disaster bags can be a fail because it can be difficult for someone to imagine the situation they might be placed in when dealing with a doomsday situation, making it hard to determine what is necessary survival items to have in this circumstance. Many people may feel the need to pack everything except the kitchen sink is the way to really prepare your bug out bag, but think again. When the time comes that you have to implement your bug out bag, you may end up having to abandon almost all your items in your survival bag. When you are packing your bug out bag it is important to remember the rule of three, “You cannot survive 3 hours without shelter in the cold, 3 days without water under any conditions, and 3 weeks without food”. Keeping this rule of three in mind your bug out bag must obviously contain the necessary gear such as water, food, clothing, weapons and first aid supplies but the other items you wish to place in your go bag can be up to you.

ultimate survival kit bug out bagBug Out Essentials

Packing your bug out bag you will probably think of the basic supplies that are a complete must to have in your prepper bag like water, food, etc. However, there are some survival items that you may not have thought about that can greatly help you in the event of a doomsday situation and make your bug out bag the best.

1.) Tent

The elements can impact your chances of survival and having the proper shelter from such conditions can help you to have a better chance of survival. The shelter can be anything from a one-person tent to a poncho that can keep you from the rain.

2.) Sleeping Bag/ Blankets

Conditions may be harsh, with cold temperatures and frigid winter weather plaguing your environment. Blankets and sleeping bags will help to keep you warm to help reduce hypothermia, and you may want to consider a wool material blanket as it retains heat and helps in cold conditions.

3.) Ways to Start a Fire

Having a means to start a fire is critical for heat, cooking purposes, and even a light source. Make sure to have a box of matches, a couple of lighters, and flint and steel to help initiate the fire.

4.) Water Filtration System

Water sources might surround you, but that doesn’t mean you can safely drink from these sources. You can either pack a bottle that filters the water for you, or pack water purification tablets to filter your water for you.

5.) Form of ID

Identification might be a lifesaver in a doomsday situation, as someone might find you and in order to give you first aid, they may need to know about you (such as blood type or allergies). You also will need an ID to get into your bank account and access any of your assets.

Ultimate Bug Out Bag You Must Have

When we are planning out our bug out bag, and what possible events may occur one area we may forget to think about is the event of a chemical release from either a chemical spill or even a chemical attack. Chemicals in the environment can lead to potential health issues as breathing in harsh chemicals can be toxic to your body. Protective gear to shield you against chemical releases in the environment may be essential in your bug out bag to be a specific doomsday prepper spill kit. The ultimate bug out kit you need in your bug out bag is the FAST-ACT Survival kit, the perfect kit for chemical decontamination. FAST-ACT was developed to effectively mitigate a chemical hazard that needs to be quick and readily used to contain the chemicals. The newest addition to our product line includes some of the best for the survivalist community as they are compact, small and ideal for various kits and gear packs like bug out bags. The four FAST-ACT products include the FAST-ACT Bottle Pack, the FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel Kit, the FAST-ACT VapourKlenz Face Mask, and the FAST-ACT Decontamination Mitt. Having all four of these products supplied in your bug out bag will help to prepare you for the possibility of a chemical release and aid in protecting your overall health from the release of these chemicals into the environment.

Preparing Your SHTF Plan - Get Your Survival Kit Ready

Learning how to properly and effectively pack your bug out bag is vital to survival in the event of a doomsday event. Packing survival items to help sustain yourself for a long period of time is the key in surviving critical situations when SHTF.

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“An urban prepper due to the conditions and environments they may be exposed to during a catastrophic event must prepare differently than the “prepper” who is away from civilization, hidden deep within the woods. Deciding on the best bug out bag for urban preppers and the survival items they will need can help to aid city preppers in the event of a crisis situation.

Survive the “Doomsday” Disaster with Essential Survival Items for Your Bugout Bag

“Many “Doomsday Preppers” may only take into consideration the extreme events that could potentially happen like TEOTWAWKI and other rare catastrophic events. However, there are other possible world disasters that could occur that can be even a potential hazard for us today with events taking place in the world. Taking into consideration these disaster situations can help you to reconstruct your ultimate bug out bag to be the ideal survival item for any potential “Doomsday” situation.”

When You Will Need a Travel Bug Out Bag

“From wars to protests, to even natural disasters you must be prepared with both protective gear and survival items to help aid your shtfplan. The best way to be prepared is with a well-packed ultimate bug out bag that contains survival items that will allow you to properly sustain in the event of a “doomsday” situation.”

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The Ultimate Doomsday Prepper Spill Kit to Have When SHTF

The Ultimate Doomsday Prepper Spill Kit to Have When SHTF

By | chemical attack preparation, chemical attacks properness, chemical spill clean up, terrorist attack preparation

The term “Doomsday Prepper” has gained an increased popularity in recent years as the potential fears presented to human life from wars, conspiracy theories and overall concerns of natural disasters presented in the environment have driven people to start “prepping” for these potential situations. When the average American hears the words “Doomsday Preppers” they may associate these people as being paranoid, worried or even crazy but do they preppers really have the right idea and overall advantage over the rest of us when potential SHTF?

The survivalists who make preparations and collect supplies for various doomsday scenarios have been around for years, dating as late back to the Mayans or even before! In actuality, years ago no one used the term “prepping” because everyone was essentially a prepper. People would grow their own food and crops, perform their own first aid remedies, and many other “survival skills”. Today, however, with our lack of knowledge on many of these “survival skills” we have to depend on prepping supplies like first aid kits, canned foods, and protective gear to aid us in these situations. As “preppers” stock up their survival supplies in preparation for hazardous conditions, there may be one area in which preparation and supplies are lacking, thus being chemical & gas protection. Potential attacks using chemicals and gases like chlorine and mustard gas could be a looming threat to humans as recent wars in Syria and potential threats from North Korea have increased worry in preppers minds on this issue. We are going to discuss the best chemical protection gear to have in your supply arsenal and what potential situations in which this gear will come in handy.

doomsday gear list

Preparing Your SHTF Plan – Get Your Survival Kit Ready

Most preppers are identified as being predominantly middle-class people with average jobs. The number of preppers is unknown, but a poll done by the National Geographic Channel indicated that 28 percent of Americans know a “prepper”. Today’s preppers worry about a list of possible disastrous events such as an economic collapse, war, oil shortages, and natural disasters. With these worries, an experienced and well-versed prepper will have a when SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan) plan ready to execute when the time presents. SHFT is a prepper word that is commonly used in the prepper “lingo”. Some other common words that most preppers use include TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it), WROL (without rule of law), and BOB ( Bug-out-Bag). Bug out bags are an essential aspect of many survivalists SHTF plans as preparing items like food, water, and ammunition are commonly stored in this prepper bag, as well as an array of devices and tools that will come in handy should there be no electricity or water supply.

Many survivalist sites will give you a well-formed list of supplies to include in your SHTF plan and bug out bag. However, in this list protective gear from chemical attacks is a lacking component and potentially crucial missing piece in your SHTF plan. Chemical warfare is still a looming threat with attacks going on in Syria, as well as possible threats from countries like North Korea. Chemical protective gear including a VapourKlenz Face Mask (for removal of chemicals and odors in your air), Powder Bottle Pack (for quick chemical decontamination in a powder formula), Decon Mitt (for easy cleaning and patting of chemicals on items), and a Microfiber Towel (that absorbs up large chemical spills). These four products make up the ultimate doomsday prepper spill kit to have on hand when SHTF.



Dangers of Chemical Attacks & Protecting Yourself

A chemical weapon is a toxic chemical that is contained in a delivery system of either a bomb or shell, according to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Chemical weapons were first introduced in 1915 when the German military opened 168 tons of chlorine gas in Ypres, Belgium resulting in the death of 50,000 fighters. Two years later, the first deployment of sulfur mustard was released and led to the main cause of casualties in World War I. The main different types of chemical weapon agents include Nerve Agents (sarin& VX), Vesicating or blistering agents (mustard gas), and choking agents (chlorine), all potential chemicals used in chemical warfare.

Although a number of international treaties have restricted the production and stocking of these hazardous chemical weapons, there are still reports that several countries continue to stock these chemical agents. In July of last year, the Syrian government appeared to admit their guilt of possessing these chemical weapons. And just as recently as two days ago, there were casualties in Syria related to Chlorine attacks making chemical attacks a major danger to civilians. For those that find themselves in a situation of chemical hazardous or end of the world preparation, make sure to learn how to prepare for a chemical attack in case you find yourself in the need of chemical protection.

Chlorine Attack- Syrian AttacksChlorine Attacks -Syrian Attacks

Chlorine attacks have become a common form of attacks in Syria within the six-year war, with the use of other nerve agents in densely populated areas striking fear in many. Medical staff treating those affected by these attacks have shown breathing difficulties as well as other health problems. The potential health damage that chlorine attacks can pose to those in affected areas can be quite dangerous. Preppers, after seeing these attacks may want to take steps to protect their health if a situation may ever occur similar to those in Syria. The FAST-ACT VapourKlenz Face Mask is the ideal protective gear to have when exposed to chlorine or other nerve agents in the air. The FAST-ACT technology has been evaluated against some of the most dangerous chemical warfare agents including VX, GD, and mustard gas. The technology is applied in the VapourKlenz Face Mask to break down chemicals and odors through our mini filtration device on the mask that allows you to avoid breathing in toxic chemicals caused by chemical attacks.

History of Mustard Gas: Is it Still Used Today?

Mustard gas is a chemical agent that can cause severe burning of the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. This type of gas was first introduced into chemical warfare during World War I, as the gas is able to affect its victims in masses. It is known for its ability to be absorbed into the body through inhalation, ingestion, or by coming into contact with the skin or eyes. The FAST-ACT Decon Mitt protects against mustard gas releases and when you or your personal items have been contaminated by this chemical. It is a safe and easy method to wipe away chemical spills or contamination. Mustard gas can be harmful and “preppers” may want to consider being prepared in case of a circumstance where mustard gas is released into their environment.

Doomsday Prepper Spill Kit: Essential for Your Bug Out Bag

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they have to drop everything and leave-dodge ASAP. In an emergency situation many “doomsday preppers” take precaution and have an escape bag packed and ready to go, this bag is commonly referred to as a Bug Out Bag. A Bug out Bag consists of necessary survival items that one feels is necessary when SHTF, one might even have a travel bug out bag packed and prepared for when they are on the go. When composing your best bug out bag some common items that many have stocked away ready to go include food, water, first-aid kits, weapons, and other survival gear. Other protective gear you may want to consider includes chemical protection products for your ultimate bug out bag for doomsday preppers when they are exposed to chemical releases in your environment. The FAST-ACT Powder Bottle Pack includes two 50-gram proofer bottles of FAST-ACT. Just tear open the pack, flip open the bottle top, aim and squeeze in the direction of the surface you need to decontaminate. The powder reduces both liquid and vapor hazards and works great in conjunction with the FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel Pack. The FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel includes two microfiber towels that easily absorb excess liquid chemicals from any surface. It can be used for surface decontamination, chemical decontamination, and even gear clean up.

gear up prepper



Doomsday Preppers need to think about preparation for chemical releases and attacks. When planning and preparation go into packing your BOB or EDC survival items or even stocking your doomsday bunker, having a Doomsday Prepper Spill Kit is essential for when SHTF.

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Chemtrails Conspiracy- How Can You Prepare for A Potential Chemical Release

Chemtrails Conspiracy: How Can You Prepare for A Potential Chemical Release?

By | chemical attack preparation, chemical attacks properness

Have you ever noticed the streaks in the sky left by airplanes? You may see them in the sky and not think much about them, other than the interesting shapes and lines it creates in the sky above us. But what if those streaks hold a hazard to our health without us even knowing?

Conspiracy theorists have battled with several theories of potential threats against civilization over the years as more and more actions from the government have made theorist stop and ask questions about this behavior. The contrails also referred to as the streaks produced by airplanes, has been at the forefront in conspiracists mind as notice of irregularities in the patterns of these contrails have pinged their curiosity. These theorists believe that the contrails which develop behind jet crafts are really releases of toxic “mind-control” chemicals, which dilutes before it reaches the ground surface and leaves a gas we then breathe in and can lead to severe health issues. Other believers, on the other hand, that it is actually a secret global plot to change the Earth’s climate in the hope to reverse the damage of climate change.

We are gonna go through the background behind this chemtrail theory and what you need to do to protect yourself from the potential hazards it holds and how to prepare for a chemical attack.


Breaking Down the Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory

The development of the Chemtrail theory began in the mid-1990’s as people began to notice the unusual patterns of the contrails in the sky. It began with a Washington state farmer, William Wallace. In the mountains near his log cabin home, he began to observe the numerous amount of contrails hanging in the sky above his home. They sat in the sky, crossing over each other in big giant X shapes like a purposeful mission being accomplished. Wallace began to become suspicious of these unusual contrail patterns, as he started videotaping these shapes and sent them to a website where he gained the interest of writer William Thomas who would begin documenting these accounts and attributing to the conspiracy theory of Chemtrails. Wallace and his wife later believed that the contrails in the sky were the direct cause of a variety of health problems they were both experiencing, leading to Thoma’s first report in 1999 about the dangers of the Chemtrails. This article led to the start of the Chemtrail conspiracy.

What is a Chemtrail?

Chemtrails are classified as the product of a government-funded program aimed at spraying chemicals into the atmosphere for corrupt purposes undisclosed to the population. Many have different theories on the reason behind this chemical release, some believe it’s to control everything from overpopulation to the food supply, while others think its to modify the weather or even chemical war. The Chemtrail conspiracy theory has had some major support as one of the most supported theories, with even famous advocates like late pop legend Prince and actor Chuck Norris. In a global survey, a surprising 17 percent of people claimed to think this conspiracy was either true or partially true.

What’s in Chemtrails: Chemicals Commonly Found

What hidden, dangerous chemicals do conspiracist believe are contained within the hazardous Chemtrails? Theorist think these Chemtrails contain a dangerous and extremely toxic mix of chemicals that include barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers. These chemicals all have a specific effect on humans overall health. Barium has been compared to the toxicity of arsenic and can have severe effects on the heart, and conversely aluminum has a history of damaging brain function. This leads to the potential dangers linked with the Chemtrails conspiracy, as people worry about the imminent threat posed to their overall health.

Testing has been conducted by researchers to help determine the validity of this Chemtrail conspiracy. In a group of 77 experts, 76 said they had no evidence to support a secret large-scale spraying program. However, the evidence from the 77th expert showed they had come across “high levels of atmospheric barium in a remote area with standard ‘low’ soil barium.

Contrails vs Chemtrails: Identifying the Differences

Contrails vs Chemtrails, the two can easily get confused as one is similar to the other. Contrails themselves are condensation trails formed when moisture from hot engine exhaust instantly condenses into ice crystals, usually when they are way above 35,000 feet. Contrails are classified into two types, an Exhaust Contrail which is formed from the exhaust of the aircraft, and Aerodynamic Contrails which are formed by the temporary reduction of air pressure over the surface. Unlike normal contrails in the air, chemtrail plumes are laid in parallel lines in grid patterns and shaped X’s over towns, cities and rural areas. The hidden chemicals released in a chemtrail is the key difference between the two trails. These chemicals lead to the main cause of concern for protecting your health from these potential looming chemicals in the air.

Protection Against Chemtrails: Shield Chemicals with an Air-Purifying Respirator

With the looming threat of chemicals in your environment that could be causing serious health conditions, acquiring personal protection gear to combat these chemicals are essential. The hazardous blend of chemicals suspected of consisting of Chemtrails ensues the imminent need that preppers need to have protective gear in their arsenal ready for when they feel the effects. Just one of the chemicals in the chemical-blend of chemtrails, aluminum, causes a variety of health problems. This chemical attacks the nervous system and can cause a list of symptoms from disturbed sleep, nervousness, emotional instability, memory loss, headaches, and impaired intellect. A protective air-purifying respirator can help combat these potential chemicals in your environment. Contamination of our air can be the biggest culprit to the entry of chemicals into our body and using an air-purifying respirator like the FAST-ACT VapourKlenz Face Mask can be your best line of protection against these released chemicals. The FAST-ACT technology neutralizes chemicals and particulates in your air through our Face Mask. The technology has been evaluated against some of the most dangerous chemical warfare agents including VX, GD, & HD (mustard gas). This comfortable Face Mask can help protect your air from chemicals when you feel your environment has been compromised.

FASTACT MAsk for chemical threats


Although the EPA still claims to not be aware of any conspiracy or plan to release chemicals or biological agents into the atmosphere, some of us still aren’t believing this claim. Acquiring protective gear like an air-purifying respirator to help combat chemicals in the environment can be of great service to your health when you believe your air has been compromised due to the highly publicised conspiracy theory of Chemtrails.

7 Must Have Survival Items for the End of the World Preparation

By | chemical attack preparation, chemical spill clean up, terrorist attack preparation

Are you prepared for the end of the world? If you are not, it is entirely understandable. Many people fear the thought of the end of the world. They might enjoy watching TV series such as Star Trek and others that play around with the idea but don’t fully comprehend their plan if it were to happen.

Economic Collapse Preparation

All in all, it is now evident that an economic crisis is not a far-fetched idea. The financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 is still fresh in many people’s minds. During the crisis, the mighty and powerful financial institutions collapsed – including the Lehman Brothers.

History has recorded other devastating natural disasters.In the year 2010, Haiti was hit with one of the worst earthquakes ever recorded in that part of the world. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake with a record depth of 8.1 miles left more than 200,000 people homeless. Millions of others were left homeless and in need of an emergency solution.

How to Survive the End Days

Other natural and human-made disasters have been recorded in the history of man. What has happened before, can always happen again. It is always advisable to stay prepared for any eventualities.
The following are some of the items that you might consider buying to stock them in your store or basement. They might be the most valuable items in times of emergency.

1. Water
Water is one of the most fundamental and significant things to have on you during a crisis. It is said that lack of water kills man faster than hunger. Therefore, ensure that you safely store some gallons of water somewhere in the house.
The good thing about water is that it can be easily found in rivers, pools and such. However, to remain healthy, it is advisable to have a way to boil this water to kill the harmful bacteria. One can also store some of the filters to help in the purification of the water from contaminated areas.

2. Food
Food is one of the primary needs in life. During an emergency, your need for food will be at the top of the list. As seen in the ‘end of humanity’ TV series, people result in inhumane ways when searching for food. Therefore having a secret stash of food is a sure way to survive in adverse situations.

It is necessary to find food that can be stored for an extended period. The people who live in the Arctic have an advantage since they can save food in the snow for an extended period. You can also freeze the food for storage. It might not be the most delicious, but again, during an emergency, delicacy is a luxury.

3. Shelter
Most disasters leave people homeless and even if they don’t, the crisis that follows forces them to move from their homes in search of food or other survivors. It is always nice to have a makeshift tent that is portable. That way you can be able to move around and shelter yourself from the harsh weather elements. It might also call for getting a sleeping bag. It will help you to remain warm and healthy and survive through the adversity.

4. Safety
Syria has recorded some of the worst cases of chemical attacks. The effects of those attacks are still evident today decades later. It is therefore imperative for any people who are conscious about their safety to have gear specifically for this kind of scenario.

Decontamination of surfaces that have been exposed to the deadly chemicals is necessary so that everyone can remain healthy. There is the FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel Pack which is efficient in decontamination of chemical substances from surfaces. They also have a bottle that is effective in cleaning gear that has been exposed.During a chemical attack emergency, it is useful to have a gas mask for safety. The FAST-ACT Air Respirator Mask is an excellent option for such situations.

5. Cash
Have you ever thought about that moment that you are caught up in an emergency where you could not access any banks, ATMs or even transact any online banking? According to some people’s belief, it is not wise to keep money in the house; it is an ancient way of storing cash. However, I would differ with that. What if there were sudden floods and your specific bank remained closed amidst all the chaos? It is highly crucial always to keep some cash stacked away in some ‘safe haven’ for such days.

Cash at that moment is a lifesaver because you will need to buy a few essentials such as food or even relocating to maybe a family member’s house. All this requires funds. The amount of cash you keep in your home is for you to determine.

6. Power Alternatives

We live in a modern day age where electricity is quite a big deal in our day to day lives. It is what ensures that our HVACs are working correctly among other things. What to do in the case of a substantial countrywide blackout? Backup generators would have to step in and cover the situation at hand. Solar powered systems would also play a huge role.

A more portable solution would be to have flashlights in your emergency survival kit that will provide alternative lighting. Keep a refrigerator closed for a few hours. Most often, it will keep food cold for a few hours.

7. Long Distance Communication Options
As discussed below, power could go off anytime with no prior warning. With the recent technological developments, power banks have come to save lives. Many people would attest to this without any doubt.

Power outages are inevitable sometimes and especially in cases of hurricane occurrences. Your survival kit should include a power bank because your phone could go off anytime and that would cut any communication with the outside world. These devices come in handy when you want to call for help or communicate with a rescue team on their way to rescue you.

The above essentials should not limit you to what should be in your kit. You can always add other items you feel should be on your list. It’s better to be prepared for such situations rather than be caught clueless and helpless.

Are You Prepared For A Terrorist Attack? 9 Tips On Staying Prepared

By | chemical attacks properness, terrorist attack preparation

Probably one of the most horrific terror attacks ever recorded was the one that happened on September 11th, 2001. AL Qaeda members hijacked four aircrafts, and two were flown into the Twin Towers, with one crashing in Pennsylvania. In this horrific act of violence, approx. 2753 people died.

The number of terrorist attacks recorded each year is something to consider. As much as the thought of terrorism is scary, nothing is more frightening than a lack of a preparedness plan in case an act of terrorism happens to or near you. Nobody envisions that an attack could happen right at their doorstep or their workplace, but the truth is; it can happen just about anywhere.

As much as the government has to protect its citizens, some occurrences may be beyond their power or rather; their response rate could be lower. What do you do in such a situation? Being prepared in advance is necessary, as it psychologically makes you aware of how to handle the situation. Below are general activities you can do if terrorism occurs.

Terrorist Attack1. Situational Awareness
One of the most significant assets you can have is ensuring you know what is around you. You should be aware of who is walking beside you or what is happening around. Be keen as this will act as a mechanism to identify is something amiss. Be alert and learn the art of listening to your surroundings. In case there is any abnormal behavior, look for an emergency exit. Being away from the danger zone will ensure that you are safe.

2. Have A Family Emergency Plan
Most often, what matters the most is family. How are you and your family prepared in case there is a chemical attack? First, ensure that you equip yourself with protective assets such as the FAST-ACT Mask which protects against chemical attacks. Talk about a detailed contingency plan as a family when attacks occur. Where should you meet in case bombings happen? Have a common meeting ground for everybody to reconnect as there may be issues with network or phone communications.

3. Have Cash Stashed Somewhere
We cannot stress how important having money in case of emergency is. You need to have some cash with you all the time in case there is an emergency evacuation, and you can’t access your car. What about if you need to leave your city or even country? The money that’s in the bank can’t be beneficial at that moment as the institutions may not be open or may be temporarily closed as well as their online banking services.

4. Store Food Strategically
Food and water are both essential to the body for it to function adequately. Since no one knows when an attack may happen, you always need to have food available that will last at least a week. Store food that could last even a month as you may never know how long the situation will continue and if the food prices will consequently become insanely higher.

5. The Bug-Out Bag Solution
A bug-out bag comes in handy when such terrorist attacks happen because you can just pick them up and make a smooth exit. As long as the bag contains the essential items to survive for at least 72 hours, then you are in order. Ensure that you always have it with you in your car as this will be more comfortable especially when such an attack happens when you are away from home.
Even still, while at home a bug-out bag is necessary so that if the worst occurs, you can quickly leave and find a safe place.

6. Protect Your Home
If you are planning on purchasing a house, find one that has a room that can be used as a safe room. This place is perfect because in times of danger you can converge with your family and stay safe until everything is over. In such situations of attacks, ensure that your house doesn’t look inviting. If possible, keep your car off the driveway as well as any pets.

A home that looks ‘deserted’ will most likely not attract the attackers, as they seek to hold people hostage. An empty-looking home reduces the likelihood of becoming a target. In cases of chemical spills in the house, you may need to use the FAST-ACT Powder Bottle Pack. Simply pour the powder on that specific area then clean it with the FAST-ACT Microfiber Towel Pack.

7. Staying Calm
Staying calm during high-stress and dangerous situations may seem hard, but it’s not impossible. Understand and accept that there is nothing you can do during the situation especially in the case of being held, hostage. Just calm down and keep quiet. Don’t risk your life by overpowering the criminals. Your life is the most valuable thing at stake, so protect it.

8. Build Makeshift Weapons
Unless you are a licensed gun holder, I would suggest not having illegal arms in the house. However, you can always use makeshift weapons for unforeseen situations as such. You can watch DIY tutorials on Youtube on how to make weapons such as bows. You can also get lessons on how to use them. Knives also come in handy when you are faced with a threat.

9. Protect Your Food
Protecting your food is a small but important detail. When storing food, store food that will feed your family only. What happens when outsiders come to look for food forcefully? Devise ways of making your stored food invisible; for example, you can hide food in containers that are mislabeled, such as ‘play kit.’ Fill up the food halfway, then add kid toys on top. Noone suspects such hence; it keeps your food safe.

Pre-planning reduces fear as it gives you a sense of confidence. A strategy is the main trick of staying alive and safe. All of the above measures will minimize risk. Acceptance plays a huge role too as it gives you room for expecting such occurrences which helps you to be emotionally stable.

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All About Chemical Attacks

How to Prepare for A Chemical Attack

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It is a shocking and sad reality that chemical attacks are happening in the world today. The threats continue to rise as global tensions become greater. It can only be a good thing to be prepared if one was to occur in your area. The first step in preparation is to understand more about what chemical attacks are.

What are chemical attacks?

Chemical attacks involve using toxic chemicals as a weapon. They can even be considered weapons of mass destruction. Although the outcomes can be deadly, chemical attacks are something that can be overcome with the proper knowledge, protective gear, and preparations.

Chemical attacks are infrequent, but when they do happen, they can cause a lot of devastation. They usually occur in large, busy areas to create as much havoc as possible. Chemicals used for warfare are prohibited according to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), where the majority of countries chose to adopt the law. Unfortunately, there are still several countries that are active in enabling terrorism that have not endorsed this legislation.

Many types of chemicals can be used in a chemical attack – from tear gas often found used during riots to control crowds, to Vx, the nerve agent that causes a horrible death. Chemicals used for warfare fall into any one of the following categories:

  1. Riot Agents – These are commonly seen during crowd control situations by police. Riot agents are usually not lethal. Everyday pepper spray and CS gas are the most popular types.
  2. Blister Agents – When exposed to skin, this type of gas will cause large blisters filled with puss. It can be lethal just by this skin exposure and by inhalation. Mustard gas is a well-known type of blister agent.
  3. Blood Agents – These types of agents are very hard to detect as they have no color or odor to them. They creep into the blood system and stop the cells getting the oxygen they need. Hydrogen cyanide is the most well-known type, but these agents are uncommon on the whole.
  4. Choking Agents – Chlorine and Phosgene are examples of this type of agent. They work by “drowning” the victim by preventing the lungs from getting oxygen. Chlorine spills can be frequent, but they’re treated as HAZMAT situations due to their often random nature.
  5. Nerve Agents – This type of chemical agent has devastating effects in only small doses. Even a pin drop can cause death. Exposure to nerve agents results in seizures and convulsions until death. The nerve agent sarin is thought to have been used in the recent attacks in Syria. The same nerve agent was also used in an attack in Tokyo and Vx was used in the murder of Kim Jong-un’s brother.

Even a small can of pepper spray has its effects, so imagine what it is like when it is delivered with SCUD missiles. What happens to those exposed to them is varied. The amount of attacks is decreasing, as is the actual number of chemical weapons available. However, there is still a threat that should be acknowledged.

How severe can a chemical attack be?

The answer depends on many factors. The type of chemical agent used will make a difference. Tear gas is nothing compared to sarin. How a chemical attack is delivered also matters, as well as the area it is delivered to. Tear gas over a few rioters in town will cause a lot fewer problems than nerve agents dropped in bombs over a busy city. Some chemical attacks are done indirectly, targeting food and water sources. This will still have an incredibly horrific effect on the areas this would happen in.

Could chemical attacks end the world as we know it?

It is scarily true that chemical attacks can kill millions. At one point, there was so much nerve agent in the world that every living person could easily have been killed. Thankfully, sanctions and agreements have been made by most of the countries in the world to destroy known agents. So, could the end of the world still be caused by chemical warfare? It is now doubtful and unfeasible. There would need to be an extreme amount of the right chemicals to do so, as chemical agents do not spread the same way biological weapons do or cause as much destruction as nuclear weapons. The same methods of delivery for chemical weapons can be used for biological and nuclear weapons. This scenario would be even more devastating.

What is the current probability of a chemical attack?

The probability of a chemical attack occurring is extremely low, measuring at a one on the TrueRisk index. This risk is slightly higher for those in urban areas or near military bases. The weapons of choice have gone beyond chemicals and into nuclear because the effects tend to take place immediately. They can also be targeted better. Terrorism rarely occurs with chemical weapons due to the costs involved. Nuclear is preferred because of its benefits mentioned; biological armaments also typically cost less. This doesn’t mean that chemical attacks will stop. They can be seen as a cost-effective approach if being used as an assassination attempt like on Kim Jong-un’s brother or as a surprise attack. They are also seen as a cheaper option when old munition supplies are available to use.

The risk of chemical attacks happening indirectly through food and water sources is also unlikely. Biological weapons tend to be more effective than chemicals in these situations.

How to prepare for a chemical attack

Chemical warfare is something we can be very prepared for, aiding the damage to be very minimal. Preparation for such an event is straightforward, but it needs to be done right to be effective. Even things like a air-purifying respirator mask and full-coverage clothing can make all the difference, as is having a dedicated shelter to go to in the event of an emergency. When exposed to the air, most chemicals do not tend to last very long, but it is good to have the basics on hand since you never know exactly how long you will be in the middle of a chemically-exposed area.

What to include in an emergency kit

An excellent kit to help you for the duration of a chemical attack that can be kept in your shelter will be inexpensive and easy to put together. They should include protective gear and items to help decontaminate the area.

For protective gear, you should have gas masks and appropriate clothing. FAST-ACT’s VapourKlenz Face Mask is ideal in these situations. Using FAST-ACT patented technology, metal oxides to interact with pathways to break down toxic and noxious compounds. This neutralizes odors and makes things safer. FAST-ACT masks are lightweight, inexpensive, and come with a metal strip over the nose that can easily be bent to create the perfect seal around the top of the nose. Like any mask, you should try this on before an emergency should occur to ensure a good fit. Other protective gear you should get includes gloves, goggles, and full-coverage clothing. A plastic one-piece suit would be even better. It should gather around the ankles and wrists to prevent exposure. You should always change out of clothes that have been exposed to chemicals as they can stick to the fibers of the clothing, so keep a spare set as part of your kit.

Your emergency kit should also contain items to help with decontamination. FAST-ACT can help with the right tools to keep your area safe, like the FAST-ACT Powder Bottle and FAST-ACT Decon Mitt. Just flip open the bottle and spray it towards the contaminated area to help neutralize liquid and vapor hazards. This will make clean-up a breeze. Use it alongside the Decon Mitt to handle contaminated items.

Your emergency pack should also contain enough food and water. Canned food is best as it can last a long time and doesn’t need to be heated. Disinfectant wipes, soap, and body wipes are also handy to have.

Suggested plan of action

It is best to stay put during an attack and seek shelter immediately. Have a shelter plan in place for both home and work. Make sure the surrounding area is decontaminated (FAST-ACT products can help here). Change out of any exposed clothing by cutting it off, so it doesn’t touch your hands or face. Use protective clothing when venturing out or neutralizing any surrounding chemicals. Stay put until the all-clear is given.

What to do during a chemical attack

The first thing to do is to stay calm. This will help you keep a level head and have a positive effect on those around you too. It is suggested to stay where you are. However, if you are not close to where the chemical attack has deployed, then you may have enough time to leave the area, but only if it is safe to do so. Take traffic or any other time-consuming factors into consideration that may stop you from getting away in time. Get to higher ground if possible. Chemical agents tend to be denser than air, so they will always sink.

In your shelter, turn off all HVAC and fans. Tape up doorways. Use plastic sheeting if it is available to make the room as airtight as possible.

What to do after a chemical attack

Chemicals do not linger and should dissipate after 72-hours. Liquid chemicals may last longer. You should wait until an official all-clear before venturing out if it can be helped.

Decontaminate all the exposed protective gear. FAST-ACT Decon Mitts are great for this, as are the FAST-ACT Powder Bottles for bigger messes. They will make clean-up quick and easy.

Don’t wait for a chemical attack to happen. Be prepared with a solid plan in place, complete with FAST-ACT products to help decontaminate hazardous areas. Have a look at our products or contact us with any concerns you have in preparing your emergency kit.